One week is -

  • 7 days

  • 168 hours

  • 10,080 minutes

  • 604,800 seconds

In a week you can -

  • Declutter your life by throwing out 100 things you don’t need or donating 200 items for someone else to put to use.

  • Identify an irrational fear that’s holding you back (e.g. stressing over money) and take one small step (e.g. saving $5 a week) that can begin to propel you forward in a positive way.

  • Make a change, even as small as 1%, towards a goal, a dream or an aspiration that can totally impact your life in such a positive way that you live the effects for years to come!

In a week -

  • A former smoker’s lung capacity can begin to increase. His/her blood pressure and pulse can begin to return to normal levels and they’re 9x more likely to quit.

  • A new exercisers brain begins to receive more blood flow so that they’re more alert and awake. Endorphins are released, which not only lead to positive, happy feelings, they also help to cope with stress and reduce the perception of pain. The body begins to process energy, aka, calories better, which can lead to weight loss.

  • A person with chronic pain or chronic illness can [finally] discover the right accupuncturist, the right naturopath, the right herbalist, the right class, THE RIGHT INFORMATION to turn his/her life completely around!

Amazing things can happen and total transformations in a person’s health and well being can begin with just ONE powerful week!

This idea is at the heart of our why -

“The right information, delivered at the right time in a positive way can empower you and change your life!”

It’s also incredibly important to connect with the information, services and providers you need to grow, heal and flourish. With these ideas in mind, online Portland Wellness Week is a community of Wellness Warriors ever learning, expanding and collectively growing to serve as a resource dedicated to elevating, supporting and empowering us all to be better humans. Offline, Portland Wellness Week is committed to living healthier, more vibrant lives, and sharing our collective years of knowledge, wisdom and expertise on the top wellness practices of our day via live events, collaborations, partnerships and dynamic wellness experiences.

“A strong life, goes well beyond simply working out and ‘eating healthy’.”

A strong life is about true wellness - the practice of self-care and resilient living across the eight pillars of holistic wellness: physical, nutritional, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental. To us, this is how we create thriving, vibrant and healthy lives, starting from the inside out. Wellness is how feed your spirit and your soul. It’s how you think and how you feel. It’s how you nourish and move your body. It’s also how you live well while caring for the environment around you, and then go on to share that strong life you’ve created with your friends, your loved ones, and your community. Wellness is the collection curated practices, habits, services, products and ideas necessary for you to flourish and grow. This is your wellness, curated.

We thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to learning, growing and evolving with you. Stay tuned for more info about our upcoming week-long spring wellness celebration, as well as our fun mini events along the way.

Here’s to living well, thriving and becoming better humans!