Portland Wellness Week



Discover some of the best holistic practitioners, wellness businesses, service providers, restaurants and more in the Portland Metro Area!



Miller Acupuncture

“The body is a holistic environment in which our physical, emotional an mental systems are interconnected and balanced. I believe our health concerns stem from a loss of equilibrium and the holistic practice and well-considered choices allow us to regain our balance.”

Specialty/Services: acupuncture + Chinese medicine + cupping + massage + meditation + herbal medicine

PWW Interview: WELL TALK | Chris Miller, owner of Miller Acupuncture

Website: miller-acupuncture.com

Turning Pointe Acupuncture


“I enjoy helping active people achieve their goals and get back to doing what they love after injury. I view injury as an opportunity to learn about one’s body mechanics, habits and potential muscle imbalances so you can return to your sport or activity stronger and smarter.”

Specialty/Services: acupuncture + Chinese medicine + cupping + bodywork + herbal medicine

Website: turningpointeacu.com


Feed Your Extraordinary

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“I desire for you to experience effortless and enjoyable eating by feeling what's it's like to fuel your soul. I want to create food that makes you feel alive again and guide you back to TRUE nourishment! I will put on my nutritionist + chef hat and create delicious nutritious, pleasurable meals for your body  and that meet your desired needs and goals.

Specialty/Services: personal chef + food wizard + nourishment alchemist

Website: feedyourextraordinary.com



Coach Tiffany RN

“I work with clients to find and solve the core issues - no more bandaids. One by one we get down to the root of the issue so you never have to do the cycle of eating perfectly and then eating everything again.”

Specialty/Services: empowered eating + private coaching

Website: coachtiffanyrn

Wild Lilac Wellness


“I thrive on finding new ways to think about health and wellness, about what we put into our bodies, and how changing our beliefs about food and stress can have a lasting impact on how we feel each and every day. I studied at Harvard and Columbia and come from the world of medicine, which gives me an in-depth understanding of illness and disease.”

Specialty/Services: health and wellness coaching

Website: wildlilacwellness.com


Coco Glow


“Harnessing the power of adaptogens, ancient Chinese herbs and antioxidant-rich raw ingredients, [our] products support hormonal balance, a healthy immune system and optimal energy levels.”

Product(s): refined-sugar free, plant-based, herbal beauty foods

Website: sipcocoglow.com

Dragon Herbarium


“At Dragon Herbarium, you will find a wide selection of medicinal bulk herbs for aromatherapy, essential oils, sachet, and soap crafting. For your kitchen, we offer a large variety of bulk culinary herbs, cooking spice blends, customizable spice blends and herbal teas. For the well-being of your body, we offer herbal tinctures, herbal supplements, body detoxifying products, bulk clay and bath salts. For scents for your soul and burnt offerings, you will find a large assortment of incenses, resins, smudges, bulk essential oils, metaphysical & occult oils, and pheromone oils. You will also find a unique selection gift items for any occasion of jewelry, crystals, candles, and much more.”

Product(s): organic herbs, teas, essential oils, tinctures, gifts, chrystals

Website: dragonherbarium.com